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Spider Vein Removal

Our SPIDER technology is based on a main impulse-generator radio-frequency unit, a needle holder (pencil) and insulated, ultra-fine, high-precision, sterile, disposable needles. The generator creates a high frequency impulse (radio-frequency) while the needle accurately carries it to the desired location.This allows the delivery of a specific amount of energy to the exact point, producing a thermal injury which results in an effective thermo-coagulation. The temperature in the small blood vessel reaches approximately 70 ºC, causing plasma proteins coagulation and damage to the parietal structure.

The pulses generated with SPIDER by the programme microprocessor are very stable, both in terms of intensity and time, which allows a high coagulation accuracy, avoiding tissue carbonization. In this way the action is extremely specific and effective and, at the same time, it completely avoids skin damage.

The impulse can be regulated both in length and power, according to the condition being treated. Simply by combining these values, the exact amount of energy can be obtained to remove the injury.



  • High precision and safe technology.
  • No previous preparation is required.
  • The procedure is easy to tolerable and painless after treatment.
  • Quick and user-friendly technology.
  • Immediate results.
  • Applicable all year round.
  • Applicable to all skin types.

  • It can be applied in any part of the body, even in the most sensitive areas,
  • such as ankles, knees or face.
  • Suitable for treating telangiectasias which are inaccessible with micro-sclerotherapy
    (lower than 0.3 mm)
  • No side, adverse effects or complications.

  • No bandages or special care are needed after the session.
  • No subsequent inactivity or recovery time.
  • Non-incision treatment; to be performed at the doctor’s office.
  • Speedy return of investment.
  • Low cost procedure.