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LipoSculpt Range

LIPOSCULPT is a high quality Professional Slimming Specific range exclusively designed to complement the Laser Lipo and FIR Sauna treatments.


The LIPOSCULPT range is designed for the entire body and was developed by a team of dedicated researchers and biochemists.

LIPOSCULPT is an extensive high quality range and with combination of complementary / active ingredients that combat unwanted weight, targets cellulite, water retention, undesirable curves and is excellent for spot fat reduction.

LIPOSCULPT is a fast effective product range with visible and proven results.

LIPOSCULPT rangeLipoSculp Range

  • LipoSculpt Thermo Gel 200ml
  • LipoSculpt Effervescent
  • LipoSculpt CLA
  • LipoSculpt Detox Caps
  • LipoSculpt Detox Balance
  • LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Shake
  • LipoSculpt Detox Starter Kit
  • LipoSculpt Body Choice Sponge

LipoScult Thermo Gel

LipoSculpt Thermo gel, is a slimming fat loss gel designed for the entire body. It works to reduce fat and cellulite in the body.

  • LipoSculpt is HEAT activated (fat starts melting at 40°)
  • Eliminate cellulite
  • Increase circulations
  • Spot fat reduction

Use in the mornings and alternate in the evenings with LipoSculpt Detox Balance

Various in salon treatments


detox balanceLipoSculpt Detox Balance

Remember the skin is your biggest detox organ!

A bath/body wrap treatment is a great way to allow your skin to open and release toxins. Sweating is one of the body’s natural detox processes.

LipoSculpt Detox Balance contains a mixture of aromatherapy oils that can help circulation and aid detoxification while leaving your skin smooth and moisturized.

LipoSculpt Detox Balance is a great salon and home treatment for:

  • Cellulite stage 1,2 and 3
  • Poor circulation
  • Water retention
  • Lose skin after weight loss(best used during weight loss process)

LipoSculpt Body Sponge

The skin is the body’s largest detox organ, and needs to be exfoliated regularly to remove dead skin cell build up and restoring the skin’s ability to get rid of toxins. The LipoSculpt Body Sponge easily scrubs away dead skin cells, stimulating circulation and collagen production to restore your skin’s youthful elasticity and natural soft radiance.

LipoSculpt Body Sponge

  • Provides A Full Rich Lather That Is Easy To Rinse
  • Cleans, Exfoliates & Polishes Your Skin
  • Improves Skin Tone & Texture
  • Ideal For Pre-treatment Preparation
  • Long Lasting & Completely Hygienic
  • Mould Resistant & Will Never Congeal

Our innovative LipoSculpt Body Sponge always retains its shape, is long lasting and hygienic – never moulding.

The LipoSculpt Body Sponge is a great weapon in the battle against cellulite and ingrown hairs. Exfoliate your skin at home using the LipoSculpt Body Sponge for perfectly smooth, toned and refreshed skin.

Japanese Dry Brushing is an ancient technique designed to strengthen skin and rejuvenate it to its natural beauty. Our LipoSculpt Body Sponge mimics the stimulating quality of dry brushing, helping you to exfoliate, detoxify and eradicate skin problems.

shakeLipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Shake

LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Shake is an instant nutrient dense, high protein meal.

LipoSculpt Slimming Weigh Protein Shake:

  • Is slimming specific
  • Is whey protein shake i.e. slow releasing protein agent that will reduce hunger and cravings

Contains XYLITOL that may enhance DETOXIFICATION

Sweet and tasty with 0 calories.

Detox CapsLipoSculpt Detox Caps

Detox Caps unlocks the way to weight loss!

Our bodies are continuously assaulted by toxins found in our air, food, and water supply. The body naturally protects it self from toxins by covering toxins with fat. This is why you need to detox before you start a weight loss challenge. First rid your body from toxins and then you will lose the fat.

LipoSculptDetox Caps supports detoxification through excretion of toxins from the body and will restore the balance and homeostasis of the body systems naturally.

LiposculptDetox Caps will assist you when dieting, losing weight, with constipation and detoxification of your body.

effervecentLipoSculpt Slimming Effervescent

Weight loss is challenging!
That is why we have created a weight loss support solution to effectively address these concerns. Work life, age, and daily stresses can all contribute to slower metabolism and can drain your energy levels.

Reducing stubborn fat is almost impossible. We know this all too well which is why we created this intelligently formulated solution to help reach weight loss goals.

LipoSculpt effervescent is a powerful combination of plant extracts scientifically proven to:

  • Block fat storage
  • Speed up metabolic rate
  • Increase fat breakdown
  • Supress appetite and reduce cravings
  • Increase energy levels


CLALipoSculpt CLA

stands for conjugated linoleic acid. CLA is a essential fatty acid that is a good fat and helps breakdown bad fats like cholesterol.

CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in our diet and since the body cannot produce this fatty acid it can be obtained only through the diet.

CLA is found in ruminant animals and food products from ruminant animals such as meat, cheese and dairy products.

CLA is produced from LA (Linoleic Acid) and has a rearrangement of its molecular structure, resulting in a unique fatty acid which provides for its clinical proven health benefits. LipoSculpt CLA is best known as an effective product for reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass resulting in an improved body shape. LipoSculpt CLA is a rich source of CLA. Scientific studies prove that when 3 grams of CLA are consumed daily body fat can be reduced safely in 8 to 12 weeks